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        Brief introduction of paper surface gypsum board production line

        Paper surface gypsum board is a new green building material used in the construction and decoration industry, which is heat-resistant, fire-proofing, insulated, light, nontoxic, no-pollution, adjusting the humidity of the room. The green building material instead wood slowly with the development of social progress and improvement in people 's consumption level.
        According to the machine's process, the gypsum board production line can be divided into five parts: ingredient and shaping system, centralized control system, auto board-enter, auto board-exit and drying system.
        We can supply full complete set of service according customers desire, from the machine design, working room design, produce supply, setting up until the required products are produced.
        Ingredient and shaping system contains: gypsum powder screw conveyer, jatex pump, vesicant pumps, materials crew conveyer, materials mixer, forming station mixer, platform vibration machine and belt forming machine. Adopting the computer control system, the gypsum powder, vesicant and material slurry can be mixed in a scientific way. The process is high precise, easy to operate and saving energy.

        Main Equipments for paper gypsum board production line

        1.Vertical 1.1.mixer 2.pull out the devices 3.electric correction machine 4.vibration platform; 5, the molding machine; 6,1 # solidification belt; 7,2 # solidification belt; 8, roller conveyors; 9. cutting machine; 10, accelerate roll; 11, waste conveyor; 12,1 # horizontal (with flap machine); 13, Move closer to roller; 14 distribution machines; 15, drier; 16, trigger; 17, # 2 horizontal (with tablet machine); 18, trimming machine; 19,1 # product conveyor; 20,2 # product conveyor; 21, stacker; 22, side roller

        Gypsum plasterboard production process flow chart:

        Material preparation:
        Modified starch,retarder,pulp,water-reducing agent,after the water is measured quantitativly,into the hydrapulper to mix toraw material slurry,then pumped into the reserve tank for back-up use.
        Foam and water is put into foam-making tank to mix regularly according to the proportion,then pumped into foam reverve tank for back-up use(with heating device,maintaining above 35 °)
        Coagulant and the raw material of gypsum powder will be sent to hopper for back-up use by elevating&conceying equipment.
        Slurry reserve tank use the measuring pump to the mixer,using the dynamic foam device to foam,then into the mixer,after the coagulation accelerator and gypsum is measured by automatic belt scale into the mixer,then all the main materials are mixed to the qualified gypsum slurry in the mixer.  
        Note:Addings of all the main materials are contained in the automatic control system,which can be adjusted automatically with the different speed of the production line to adapt to the requirements of the large-scale&high speed requirements.
        Formation&transmission parts:
        The upper paper is opened into the automatic deviation machine through the forming machine,after the lower paper is rolled,into the formaing machine through automatic deviation machine,scratch machine,vibration platform.The slurry of the mixer fall into the lower paper of the vibration platform,then into the foaming machine,on the forming machine,the slurry can be squeezed into the gypsum board that can meet specific requirements,then finish the initial setting on the solidified belt,and finish the final setting on the transmission track,using the fixed -length cutting machine to cut the board for the needed length(240mm,3000mm or others),through the 1#horizontal machien to turn,after that,the two gypsum boards leave the 1#horizontal machine at the same time,then using the closer roller to make the space between two plates meet the requirements,through the distribution machine into the drier for drying.
        Drying section
        Adopting fuel-type conducting oil furnace as the heat supply,after the hot oil thourgh the fin heat exchanger and exchanging the hot air,through the blower into the dryer for finishing the drying task.This drier can be divided into two areas,can finish the drying curve of the gypsum board ,so that avoid the over-burning ,humid and other defects.This process is environmental,energy-saving,high heat efficiency,easy control for process parameters。
        2#horizontal part
        After being dried,through the trigger,then into the 2#horizontal system for finish the fixed-length trimming,automatic wrapping,then send the final gypsum board by the product conveyor into the automatic stacker,after finishing the stacking,using the forklist to send to the packing area for checking&packing,finally the whole set production process is finished.

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